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About Us

HDP Foundation is an Armenian-based foundation, with a management staff comprising local Armenians and the off-shoot of a US-based NGO (Human Dignity and Peace)  which has been active in Armenia for over nine years, primarily in the humanitarian, agriculture and educational spheres.

Office Staff of HDPF

HDP's founding president and finance director was Dr. David L. Watt. Dr. Watt was an agricultural economist, and was involved in managerial finance for over twenty years. He has over two hundred publications, many in the areas of management, sustainable agriculture, and economic development. He has over twenty years teaching experience, including North Dakota State University(NDSU) in Agricultural Economics and the Business School, in the Armenian Agricultural Academy(AAA) in Economics, and in the American University of Armenia(AUA) in the MBA and Masters of Engineering programs.

An important component of HDP's organizational strength lies in its board of directors. The board comprises seven members, who work in various donor and implementing organizations in Armenia, including the Armenian University of Armenia, Urban Institute, UMCOR and the United States Agency for International Development. The board's role is to develop Foundation Policy and project concepts; use its networking base to identify staff and specific project management personnel; and monitor the management's activities. The board meets on a quarterly basis.

Dale Redding is the Director of Armenian Support Project which was founded following his serving as a USDA - Agrogitaspiur Agent in the Talin Region in 1994. ASP was formed as a Christian means of continuing to provide assistance to Armenian Youth and citizens. Redding and HDP founder David Watt worked together in Yerevan with USDA in 1994 and later in '95,'96, and '98 when Redding served with CARE, VOCA, and ROTARY International in conducting humanitarian Projects.
ASP is a ministry of the LaGrange Indiana Church of God that provides computers and resource support for Armenian Village Schools, farmer associations, hospitals, and PCV cooperating Non-profits. Since 2004, ASP provides CPU's, parts, resources and assistance for PCV-IT's to maintain school computers and Mentor school technicians on computer maintenance.

Karine Harutyunyan Heads the Administration Department of the Armenian branch of UMCOR NGO since 2001. Has been working with international NGOs since 1993. Assisted in founding "Orran" local NGO of needed children

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Gayane Tovmasyan has 15 years of professional work experience in the field of Humanitarian and community development related programs; Professional technical expertise in development and reforms related programmes, civil society, advocacy, grant management, program/project management reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.
Current occupation: UN Joint HIV/AIDS program Manager - UN Armenia Education; Master of Science in International Development, USA State University named after Valri Bryusov - Yerevan Membership; Rotary Club of Yerevan 1998 - Present 2004-2005 Vice president Marital Status: married, two sons.

An award-winning writer, editor, photographer, and TV and radio producer, Pamela J. Karg was called to put her skills to work for the United Methodist Committee on Relief ( Armenia when it marked its 10th anniversary in 2004. Karg returned in 2005 and has remained with the humanitarian organization as a self-funded Volunteer in Mission through The United Methodist Church. She assists UMCOR with public relations, grant research and editing, and UMVIM team coordination in Armenia and Georgia. She teaches Public Speaking, Business Management Ethics and Agricultural Cooperatives on a part-time basis at the Agribusiness Teaching Center (, a collaborative effort between the Armenian State Agrarian University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Texas A&M University. From Armenia, she has contributed to newspapers back in her home state of Wisconsin, web sites such as and, and international publications such as the Cooperative Communicators Association, Environmental Mining Management in London and USDA's Rural Cooperatives magazine. She is a member of the Yerevan International Women's Club and has taught in the foreign language department of Gladzor University.

Sargis Manukyan is a Board Member of HDP charity Foundation since 2005. Since January 2009 he is working in HDP foundation as a program manager of project Equitable job opportunities for persons with disabilities.
From 1994 to 2009 Sargis Manukyan worked in the Save the Children Armenia organization and was involved in different programs as a program manager, Grants Management Specialist, Field Monitor, Associate Researcher, Field Officer. He is a skilled and experienced expert in the field of projects planning design and implementation, management, preparation of budget and financial management, mobilization and development of the community and NGO capacity building.

Armine Tukhikyan is a project development and management expert. Her particular interest is in the field of communication. She has been working with international organizations for more than ten years and, particularly, has contributed to several USAID funded projects. Currently Armine works at the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development as manager of a project called "Communication Improvement in Regional Communities" which is implemented in partnership with the Dutch Government. She also provides consultancy to civil society organizations in public and media relations as well as project development and NGO management. Armine Tukhikyan has been a member of HDP's board since 2007.

HDPF H. Kochar 14, Suite. 45
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel. 26 17 61, Fax 27 47 86

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