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May 2008 "Increased Economic Opportunities for Rural Poor"

T-Frames Human Dignity and Peace Foundation (HDP Foundation) implemented its Business Development and Poverty Reduction project in summer 2006 funded by the Micro Enterprise Development Initiative (MEDI). Activities were carried out in three communities of Armavir and Ararat marzes; Lukashin, Hovtashat and Sipanik. The core activity was to introduce and to teach the Mittleider High Yield Gardening method through demonstrations, technical assistance and model gardens.

The main goal of the Business Development and Poverty Reduction project was to teach vulnerable farmers the new high yield gardening method, its key elements and demonstrate its advantages as compared to traditional gardening methods. This was done through business development and income generation model farms in the selected communities.

Tying up tomatoes The Mittleider method is a combination of hydroponics and traditional gardening. During the project, HDP demonstrated the advantages of this method to the members of the Federation of Agricultural Associations (FAA) in the six communities. During the training and field days, the participants observed the advantages and the returns on investment both at the beginning and during the growing season. These FFA members will be able to apply the new method in the following years and teach it to other interested farmers. This will also expand and allow women and youth to generate income for their families. Project beneficiaries were pleased with the results: 4-5 times the traditional yields.

High yielding tomatoes

HDP believes this was an excellent indicator for the first year.



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