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Support Model gardens to address poverty, generate income and sustainable food supply in Tavush Marz, Azatamut village

High Yielding Tomatoes Human Dignity and Peace Foundation (HDP Foundation) implemented a seven-month Mittleider High Yield Gardening project (May1-November 30, 2007) funded by World Vision, Armenia. The project activities were was carried out in Azatamut village Tavush marz. The core activity was to introduce and to teach the gardening method through demonstrations, technical assistance and model gardens.

The main goal of the project was to teach vulnerable farmers the new method, its key elements and demonstrate its advantages as compared to traditional gardening methods.

Local capacity building and the transfer of technical know-how are important assets for sustainability of this project. HDP believes that the farmers mostly need technical assistance and practical sessions. Here are some of the highlights of this project:

  • Each beneficiary and the local agronomist will continue to share and transfer their new knowledge and skills to other members of the community: this is an asset and adds value for the entire community.
  • The model gardens served as good sites for practical training for other community members. HDP organized many site visits where fellow gardeners could observe the gardens and make comparisons with traditional gardens.
  • After completing the project, the beneficiaries developed more confidence in high quality seeds, seedlings and better technology in planting. In the future, they can acquire these inputs for application.
  • 21 families directly benefited from the increased yields, knowledge of new technologies and, as such, are excellent resource in their community. They will expand their knowledge among their neighbors and further promote this technique.
  • This project has good potential for replication. It is relatively inexpensive and practically works in all kinds of soil and climate.
  • The beneficiaries yielded roughly 4 times the harvest of traditional gardens for any given crop (beans, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, etc.) and generated 3.8 times more income this year compared to previous years (adjusted for inflation.)
  • HDP also organized environmental awareness and training in the safe handling of agricultural inputs for all participants, and provided materials and supplies.



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