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Helping Rural Women Help Themselves

Helping Women meeting in field Human Dignity and Peace Foundation implemented a ten-month ”Helping Rural Women Help Themselves” project (March 1 – December 30, 2008) funded by Royal Norwegian Embassy. This project was carried out in Nalbandyan village of Armavir marz, working closely with 16 women beneficiaries and providing them the necessary tools to generate income through technology transfer and technical know-how.

The immediate goal of this project was to alleviate poverty of rural women and promote food security through skills training, technical assistance and provision of all related supplies and inputs. The goal was also to teach women agricultural vocational skills and ensure constant supply of fresh vegetables. The longstanding goal is to position the beneficiaries to assure their long-term food security needs whereby they are able to feed themselves in sustainable manner through stable food production.

For making true these goals In-house and field training seminars were conducted for the 16 participants. Sessions were organized and delivered by HDP Project Coordinator and Agronomist and focused on key aspects of the high yielding gardening technology.

Along with trainings and field days, HDP provided ongoing technical assistance at every stage of the gardening operations: soil bed preparation, planting, seedlings, etc. This was done through multiple visits to the gardens.

HDP also published two articles in “Agrolratu” paper, which is published in Yerevan and the main audience are farmers . The articles narrate about the new gardening technology, its advantages and shares experience that HDP generated in the past few years implementing Gardening projects. As a result of this publication, an individual large farmer (Sargis Muradyan) approached HDP with a request to apply the new method on his farm: he owns hectares of land in Ararat marz, is a successful farmer, Agriculture specialist by background and seeks HDP’s technical assistance.

Helping Women meeting in field

The project enabled HDP to provide the means to improve the economic welfare of needy families by generating real income: an increase of 4 times. This helped families to meet their social needs (food consumption, health and education needs of the family, etc.) and incur family savings. The second economic opportunity of this project was the development of a market for full nutrition plant food in target areas. Given the obvious economic advantages of this method, the women beneficiaries developed more confidence in the method, high quality seedlings grown by this method and better technology of planting. In addition, many neighboring families witnessed the advantages of this method and showed interest in it.

The gardeners learned new technology skills that will carry and serve their families for years as sustainable means for income generation. This knowledge will remain within the community and serve as excellent resource for interested gardeners. The beneficiaries are now more aware of environmental hazards and implications when handling agricultural inputs (fertilizer, pest control, minerals) and are equipped with knowledge and supplies.



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