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Gardening 2010 Year 2

In 2010 HDP Foundation continued the implementation of the second phase of the project “Home Food Production for Wellfare and Income Generation in Stepanavan and Alaverdi Communities.” All beneficiaries and communities from Year 1 were included in Year 2 as well, plus 20 additional families were included in the project, thus, bringing the total number to 70 in 2010.

Meeting of local leaders One of the lessons learned in 2009 was to take proactive measures in mitigating the negative impacts of adverse weather conditions – hail and heavy rains. To reduce such risks, HDP and World Vision partners designed a new component – adding greenhouses.

Greenhouse with new planting A total of seven greenhouses were constructed in Stepanavan and Alaverdi communities, supported by World Vision. HDP cultivated seedlings and distributed them to project participants and community members. Special trainings were organized for greenhouse owners, along with relevant literature and teaching materials. According to the Agreement signed with greenhouse owners, 30% of the production obtained in the greenhouses were to be delivered free to schools, kindergartens and socially insecure families.

Tomato plants ready to transplant This was an effective social partnership between greenhouse owners and social entities as well as wider community members, which we believe added significant weight to this important program. HDP closely supervised the works in greenhouses, provided technical advice and field assistance. In 2010, 56.800 different plant seedlings were obtained in the greenhouses, that were successfully deliverered to both direct beneficiaries and educational facilities and socially vulnerable in target communities. Trainings were organized for the new beneficiaries on key aspects of the new method:

Preparing weekly fertilizer

  • Seedling generation and soil bed preparation
  • Seedling transfer to fields and seed sowing
  • Plant care (cultivation), prunning
  • Watering and fertilization
  • Pest, weed and disease control.

Year 2 was also challenging with regard to hails and heavy rains. Despite this, HDP took timely actions to prevent harvest loss: in some communities triple seedling planting took place which helped farmers greatly in sustaining the harvest results. HDP also took timely agrotechnical measures – all these helped generate better results in 2010. To illustrate, compared to 2009, 2010 was more productive, namely: 56.800 plant seedlings were obtained from 7 greenhouses; 3,389kg of fresh vegetable was provided to kindergartens (tomato, cucumber, bean, potato, pepper, salad, aubergine); 70 beneficiaries collected 25,814kg yeild.



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