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Building DPO Outreach for Greater Disability Inclusiveness 2009

From October 2008 to December 2009 “Human Dignity and Peace” Foundation (HDP Foundation) implemented the “Building DPO Outreach for Greater Disability Inclusiveness” Project in Alaverdi with the “World Vision Armenia” International Charity Organization, based on “Memorandum of Understanding” between two organizations.

The main goal of the project was to develop capacities of NGOs engaged in disability issues, mobilization of local authorities, schools and kindergartens, in order to solve the problems in the field of integration of disabled individuals and promote the idea of inclusive education in 3 schools and 5 kindergartens in Alaverdi and nearby villages.

The “Building DPO Outreach for Greater Disability Inclusiveness” Project was implemented by 4 organizations: “Unison” (Yerevan), “Liarjek kyanq” (Stepanavan), “Pyunic” (Gyumri) and HDP foundation (Alaverdi). They all participated in the round–table discussions, organized by “World Vision Armenia” National office (WV). During the meetings the NGOs representatives presented implemented activities based on the project working plan, and the issues and the mechanisms on how to solve them.

HDP Foundation organized 4 round-tables in Alaverdi with participation of representatives of schools and kindergartens. The NGOs engaged in issues about the disabled with the stakeholders from the Municipality of Alaverdi. During the round-table discussions, project experts Anahit Aghabekyan and Torgom Ghandilyan briefly presented the results of trainings for social workers of 9 communities of Alaverdi on inclusive education and results of trainings in schools and kindergartens. They also evaluated the situation on inclusive education in target communities.

The main problem in all schools and kindergartens was attitude change, which is also the main goal of our project. During the last round-table discussion the project experts presented planned activities for 2010-2011, for 7 kindergartens and for 5 schools.

Project experts of HDP Foundation participated in trainings organized by WV Armenia. The themes of the trainings were “Human Resources and Administrative Management”, “Development of Project Proposal” and “Tools and Project on Inclusive Education Training”.

During the project time period, 800 information newspapers publicized the project including articles on inclusive education in Alaverdi, as well as works of talented students of Alaverdi schools. HDP Foundation organized public measures on the first of June dedicated to the International Day of Children’s Rights Protection, and on the third of December dedicated International Day of Disabled. During these events project experts and project partners spoke on necessity of on inclusive education, especially indicating that the society should be open to involve the children with special needs and children who do not attend to school or kindergarten with different reasons. These events also gave an opportunity to children to express their talents through puppet, dance and vocal performances. During the summer holiday, HDP foundation organized a summer camp in Tsaghkadzor, “Tandzaghbyur” Child Summer Camp for 10 children from socially disadvantaged families. Besides HDP foundation provided necessary materials to the rural communities which were included in our project, to organize different events during summer holiday.

Another charity proceeding by HDP Foundation was financial support of 7 year Rafael Hakobyan for his surgical expenses. Then HDP Foundation provided two computers to local NGOs in Alaverdi. These computers were donated by Dale Redding, board member of HDP Foundation and Director of the “Armenia Support” Project.

In December the final round-table discussion was held and organized by the WV Armenia national office, with participation of representatives from 4 different organizations who implemented the project in different Regions in Armenia. During the meeting the participants presented project results, issues and success stories. There were also representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science of RA, Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of RA, National Institute of Education of RA, as well as local schools and kindergartens.



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