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Building DPO Outreach for Greater Disability Inclusiveness 2010

On February 15th, 2010 HDP Foundation started implementation of the second part of the project “Building DPO Outreach for Greater Disability Inclusiveness” in Alaverdi. The project is funded by the World Vision Armenia. Five kindergartens and 7 schools were involved in the 2nd phase of the project. The project implementation area was Alaverdi, Arevacag, Aqori, Mets Ayrum, and Haghpat rural communities.

The aim of the project is to develop social security network in Aleverdi and rural communities in this region. The project will also support the inclusion of disabled children and adults into the society. Project’s main activities:

  • Organize meetings, round- table discussions for network members
  • Implement educational events at 12 schools to create an inclusive environment for the children
  • Implement different polls with parents, teachers and children to evaluate their attitude toward inclusive education
  • Organize home visits with social workers, to find out children with special needs and children from socially disadvantaged families; and then introduce them to proper schools or kindergartens.
  • Organize the publishing of newspaper on the inclusive education

According to the second part of planned activities, quarterly HDP Foundation organized round-table discussions for network members and stakeholders. During 2010 four round-table discussions were organized with participation of social workers, representatives from the municipality, media, schools and kindergartens. Voskan Ghazaryan, project manager of World Vision Armenia, Narine Ghazaryan, representative of USAID, Ashot Perikhanyan from the regional development program in Alaverdi, Silva Davtyan, the senior specialist from municipality of Alaverdi, Sasun Khejumyan board director of guardianship and trustees of municipality and director of the HDP Foundation also participated in the discussions.

At the beginning of each discussion Anahit Aghabekyan and Tatul Safaryan, project experts of HDP Foundation, presented the implemented activities of the previous quarter.

On March 26th, 2010 the HDP Foundation participated with the “Face to Face” live TV program of “Ankyun Gumarats 3” TV Company. The participants were Anahit Ahjabekyan, project expert of HDP Foundation, Ashot Perikhanyan, specialist of WV Alaverdi Development project, Sasun Khejumyan, board director of guardianship and trustees of municipality, Siranush Galstyan, Social worker of Mets Ayrum village, and Oleg Ignatenko, deputy director of Alaverdi No 5 School.

HDP Foundation organized the trainings and educational events for creating an inclusive environment for children from 12 educational centers in 5 communities (Alaverdi, Haghpat, Arevacag, Aqori, Mets Ayrum).

In 2010, about 75 trainings and 26 different kinds of events (concerts, child and puppet performance) with participants of pupils, teachers, and parents were organized in the above mentioned education centers. Total number of trainings and events participants for 2010 were 1686 people (179 teachers, 887 children, and 602 parents).

HDP Foundation also organized events dedicated to International Day of Children’s Rights Protection, as well as to the International Day of Disabled People.

During the events children with special needs from “New Star” NGO (Yerevan) had a puppet performance; and the choir of 135 School of Yerevan and the students of N1 School in Alaverdi had an exciting performance as well. All events implemented during time period had been broadcast by local TV Company.

Project experts of HDP Foundation and social workers surveyed among parents, teachers and pupils. The purpose of the surveys was to evaluate the progress in the change of perception. According to the survey, the results of the total number of participants were 950 persons (teachers, children, and parents). The total progress of changed attitude was 94%.

Project Experts organized home visits in Alaverdi, Akori, Haghpat, Arevatsag and Mets Ayrum communities to find children who were not attending schools. The main problem was that the parents of the children with special needs did not believe that their children could be integrated into society. Social workers periodically visited parents, explained to them that it was not allowed to forbid a child to go to school, because every child has a right to go to school or kindergarten.

During 2010 the HDP Foundation organized publication of 600 informational newspapers, to cover the issues of disabled peoples and awareness in Alaverdi. This was one of the awareness campaigns during the project time period. There was detailed information on project activities, issues and success stories. Children and teachers also wrote their views on inclusive education.



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