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“Art for Inclusion” 2011

In the period January 1, 2011 – July 31, 2011 (7 months) HDP implemented the project “Art for Integration for Children with Disabilities” funded by Jonas Foundation. This is the fourth phase of this project. During project implementation period HDP continued its cooperation with local Yerevan, Alaverdi (Lori region), Dilijan (Tavush region) regional partners, and NGO’s: “Unsion”, “Perkutyun”, “Astghatsolk”, “Norastgh” and “Bridge of Hope”

Children with disabilities in musical classes with Violin. The overall goal of this project is to promote greater tolerance and integration of disabled children through choir performances, art events, advocacy and education for children and their families, and summer camp. Project objectives were aimed to discover talented children with disabilities and children from socially disadvantaged families and enable them to express their talents through different art events and engage with their peers as means to social inclusion and integration. The main objectives were;

  • Develop talents of children with disabilities and establish a choir;
  • Organize series of trips for children with disabilities to art, music and drama events as part of their education and integration;
  • Continue the Summer camp component for children with disabilities.
  • In April, 2011 HDP foundation organized series of events in 135 schools in Yerevan. The events were devoted to “Mothers and Beauty’s” day. Part of the events was choir concert, performance, and exhibition of handworks of disabled children. The general message of these events was “People give us an opportunity and We Can''.

    Children with disabilities in a choir The next performance with participation of choir members was held in “Prkutyun” NGO for 56 children. After choir performance the children of the center watched puppet performance which also organized HDP Foundation. The main massage of puppet performance was integration of children who are excluded from society with different reasons. At the end of this event HDP Foundation donated hygienic kids which were provided by “UMCOR” NGO.

    On 31 of May a very beautiful performance was held in N 1 School in Alaverdi (Lori Region) with participation of 25 children with/without special needs from “Bridge of Hope” NGO (Dilijan) dedicated to “International day of Child Right Protection”.

    In the fourth phase of implementation the project successfully provided the following results;

  • Increased awareness of society on rights and equal opportunities of special needs children in Armenia; thousands of people heard the message of inclusion;
  • Continuous opportunities for children to develop their talents, leading to increased self-esteem and confidence through Choir and Summer Camp programs;
  • Increased social acceptance and tolerance towards children with disabilities and improved opportunities for beneficiary children to integrate with their peers and society.
  • Overall results since 2007

    Children with disabilities in a Pupit show

  • Art and recreation events organized for about 3484 direct beneficiaries, children and their family members
  • Western best practice and the Armenian legislation on education and inclusion studied
  • 1200 copies of the Awareness and Information Brochures published and distributed to beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • An Art exhibition with photo and handcraft made by special needs children, organized in Yerevan and regions
  • Effective partnerships established between HDP, , Bridge of Hope, Astghatsolk, Norastgh, Nur NGOs, World Vision, UMCOR, Perkutyun as well local government entities and Community Centers in 5 regions
  • Three documentary films produced reflecting positive images of disabled, advocating for their rights: aired in Brazil, Germany, Armenia, and Sweden.
  • Support provided to a Puppet theatre in Yerevan and Chambarak
  • Children’s Choir established in Yerevan school with 55 disabled and non-disabled children
  • Choir concerts organized in Yerevan, Armavir and Alaverdi with 55 disabled and non-disabled children
  • 80 children with disabilities enrolled in Summer camps during 2009/2011
  • Population of the 5 regions were non-direct beneficiaries were aware of inclusive education.



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