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"Home Food Production for WellFare and Income" 2011 Year 3

Phase3 preparing soil in ridges «Human Dignity and Peace» (HDP) Foundation in 2011 implemented “Home Food Production for Well Fare and Income Generation” project in Lori marz Arevatsag and Haghpat communities. For the 2011 agricultural year, 15 new beneficiaries were selected. They were acquainted with the new vegetables cultivation technology: Mittleider method, which is well known in the world and now found its application in Armenia. The project is in line with the development of practical skills including dissemination of theoretical knowledge to beneficiaries.

During trainings to beneficiaries were provided corresponding information materials and literature.

Greenhouse with eggplant growing 2 meters high Growth of seedlings was organized in a Karinj community greenhouse from March to May, 2011. 4000 seedlings of tomatoes, pepper and eggplant were grown in a Karinj greenhouse were distributed to the project beneficiaries, another 1000 seedlings were shared among other community members. The rest of seedlings were cultivated in the Karinj greenhouse and yielded 1,750 kg tomatoes and 720 kg were given to community kindergarten.

Tomatos supported with T-frames Organic fertilizers were used for plants nutrition. Within scope of the project beneficiaries received T-frames to ensure plants vertical growth. For pest and disease control were provided appropriate means, which were used timely and efficiently. As an HDP contribution to all 15 new beneficiaries was provided “Secrets of gardening” book, which could serve as practical guide to plant cultivation, pest/disease control etc. Particularly this gardening oriented book in the Armenian language contains a lot of practical recommendations regarding scheduling of sowing based on local conditions. In order to ensure the project’s successful implementation, HDP cooperated with the World Vision Alaverdi office staff and Masis Seed Station. The latter was providing the seeds for the project. Within the scope of another project - WFP “Food for work” – in Stepanavan and Alaverdi, 75 beneficiaries organized food distribution during the second year.



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