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Rural Income Generation Project 2012-2013

Working with hoop greenhouses In Ararat marz Khachpar, Hayanist, Sis and Nisami communities in December 2011 was commenced EU funded “Rural Income Generation Project”, which duration is 22 months.

Project aimed to poverty alleviation through more effective agricultural technologies implementation.

Scope of the Project provides application of the Mittleider`s method, which involves different hydroponic, greenhouse and gardening technologies, adapted for small family backyard landplots and aims to harvest as much as possible from each square meter of land.

Literature on persons with disabilities

Selection of beneficiaries and landplots,
  • Preparation of beds,
  • Seeds sowing, growing of seedlings in small greenhouses, and transplanting to open ground
  • Fertilization, irrigation, removal of weeds and pruning,
  • Pest and disease control,
  • Harvest,
  • Continuing technical assistance
  • To beneficiaries were distributed: variety of vegetables seeds, sprayers and other agricultural tools, T-shape pillars with corresponding accessories, organic fertilizers, pest and disease control means, and educational materials - in addition to training materials.

    Harvesting produce


    The purpose of trainings within scope of the Project is to strengthen community potential, to assist farmers more effective utilise available agricultural resources, and to ensure sustainable income.

    Training and field demonstrations were organised for all 50 beneficiaries covering the following themes:

  • Land selection, beds preparation
  • The role of organic fertilizers
  • Pest/Disease control
  • T-shape pillars installation, plants pruning
  • Irrigation skills
  • Postharvest methods presentation
  • Cooperatives and their benefits.
  • Project achievements in all 4 villages

  • Project beneficiaries mastered gardening new more effective technology and plants fertilizing and curing precise ways. Only organic fertilizers were used.
  • First year harvest rates in average as much as twice exceeded traditional ones.
  • As a guide for beneficiaries was developed and Outcomes

  • The project not only increased income of beneficiaries, but served as a source of practical and theoretical knowledge, contributed to deeper understanding of agricultural processes and inspired hope in their power and abilities.
  • Printed “High value vegetables marketing” book.
  • In Nisami and Khachpar communities were established cooperatives.
  • In Sis and Hayanist communities signed agreements on joint communal activities.
  • This project implements “Save the Children” in cooperation with “Human Dignity and Peace” Foundation. Viewpoints reflected in booklet may not reflect European Commission one.



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