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People with disabilities in Armenia, the promising workforce 2010-2012

Human Dignity and Peace (HDP) Foundation jointly with Dutch organization Activa International and ”State employment service” agency (SESA) implemented ”People with disabilities in Armenia: the promising workforce” 3 Year ( 2010-2012) project which was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands within MATRA Project Programme.

A model of Supported Employment has been applied in Armenia, the main principles of which are: testing work abilities and skills of people with disabilities (PWD), matching to the jobs as per their skills, assessment of the workplace, as well as adjustment of the workplace to fit the PWD’s needs.

The program is aimed not only at direct job-placement of persons with disabilities but also identifying their work abilities, coaching for job skills and raising their competitiveness in labour market. These measures will give them opportunities to find jobs based on and matching their skill.

During the project implementation the following was achieved:

  • A new method of assessment of person's work abilities (MAST test) was introduced in Armenia, in the area of employment for people with disabilities (PWD). It enabled the project beneficiaries to improve their work skills, acquire skills and be more competitive in the labor market.
  • Through learning and applying the new method, the employment specialists of the Employment Centres (EC’s) improved their skills in identifying and assessing job seekers' work abilities and coaching them to work.
  • Throughout the project implementation, PWD’s raised their awareness on state programs implemented by employment centers. As a result of the awareness campaigns the number of job seekers registered in the employment centers increased three times and exceeded project targets:in 2009 – 30 to 35 PWD's, in 2012- 110 to 135 PWD's.
  • 100 PWD's participated in different vocational and life skills trainings. Physical adjustments were performed that ensure improved accessibility in Erebuni, Nubarashen employment service and Hrazdan vocational school.
  • During the period 2010-2012 Erebuni, Nubarashen and Hrazdan Employment Centers employed 77 people with disabilities ( 35 and 32 respectively).
  • Ten workplaces were adjusted to better fit and accommodate the needs of PWD's: 3 of the adjustments were co-financed by SESA.
  • 26 Employers who employed PWD's, received salary compenstation under the state “Partial compensation of salary to the employer” program.
  • Two Mast tests were provided to Erebuni Nubarashen and Hrazdan employment centers: 75 PWD's per each employment center have been tested through Mast test.
  • 2 adjusted minibuses for PWD's have been donated to two partner employment centers.
  • Respective modifications have been done in Gorts database which will be used by all 51 employment centers of Armenia. The database contains a link connecting Gorts with Pyunik databases of all registered PWD's in Armenia.
  • The project was executed under the final responsibility of Activa International Foundation The coordination of the local implemenatation in Armenia was done by Human Dignity and Peace Charity Foundation.

    The project implementation cemented extremely effective partnerships with partner organizations, including Workability Europe, Adapt-Ability and Bartimeus organizations.

    Within the project the executing partners have established very fruitful and close cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of RA , State Employment Service Agency, Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, Vocational schools, employers and people with disabilities and other stakeholders. The team of Dutch and Armenian experts is represented in the booklet, whithout efforts and devotion the results of this project would be impossible to reach.



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