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“Improved Livelihoods through New Gardening Technology” 2012-2013

Plants_in_greenhouse This project is funded by Geoteam and is implemented in Syunik marz: Gorayk village. Fifty project participants are involved in a 2 year project. The project goal is to improve community livelihoods and economic well-being through innovative agricultural practices in gardening. This project applies innovative technology of land use and generated sustainable income for rural households and communities employing at least 1 person per household. It also raised the communities' capacities, knowledge and skills as local assets and resources in replicating this innovation in other communities.

Boy with harvest from program garden

During 2012-2013 the following results were registered:

  • 50 farmers acquired new skills on new gardening technology
  • 50 farmers cultivated potatoes potatoes with “Motoblok”, a new equipment for them
  • Training sessions & demonstration days were organized on all aspects of the new technology
  • 50 farmers harvested 450-600 kg of potato from 100 sq.m land compared to 250-300 kg from traditional gardening
  • 50 farmers harvested 150 kg of bean from 50 sq.m land compared to 35 kg from traditional gardening
  • 2 pilot greenhouses were constructed
  • HDP contribution: organization of Summer Camp for 30 children form 3 adjacent communities (Gorayk, Gndevaz and Saravan)
  • 150 copies of Agrolratu newspaper for 3 communities to elaborate on the new technology supported by Geoteam
  • 300 pieces of literature for Gorayk library
  • Puppet shows for Gorayk children for June 1, International Children’s day
  • Distribution of hygiene and school kits for Gorayk children provided by UMCOR



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