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Rural Income Generation Project 2012-2013 (RIG)

Since December 2012 HDP implemented “Rural Income Generation” project funded by the European Union and Save the Children International Armenia in Sis, Khachpar, Hayanist and Nizami communities in Armenia. Setting garden for plants to grow vertical

The project aimed at poverty alleviation in most poor rural communities of Ararat province through improved land management practices and skills of economically vulnerable households (HHs), including local, refugee and former refugee population. The project proposed generating sustainable income from small gardens, which was achieved through advanced agricultural methods and most efficient use of human and natural resources (knowledge, skills, water, land etc.) In addition series of awareness raising and skills development activities were envisaged not only for farmers, but also for women and children.

Harvesting plants The focus was made on profitable types of vegetables, GMO free varieties, having high yield capacity that could ensure increased revenue for HH.

The overall objective of the RIG project is: Increased household (HH) income in most undeserved rural communities of Ararat province through new gardening technology:

Key accomplishments during the project implementation period:

Trainers training the next set of trainers

  • 50 target households empowered through capacity building and economic opportunities in new agricultural technologies;
  • Training of trainers (TOT) successfully conducted for 4 local agronomists as local asset and resources to spread the newly acquired knowledge and skills further in their communities;
  • Capacities of 50 farmers built on new “Mittleider” gardening technology:

  • A good increase in fruits harvested

  • a total of 12 training sessions and field demonstrations conducted
  • 4 trainings on marketing
  • 4 trainings on establishment of cooperatives
  • 2 trainings per target villages on best food and nutrition practices for both teenagers and adults. In overall 64 teenagers (from 12 to 15 years old) and 50 adults participated the trainings;
  • Three harvests collected and registered (with beneficiary participation): 100,924 kg (roughly 4.5 times more than traditional gardening);
  • Delivering of fruit driers

  • Income of 50 HHs increased 5.35 times compared with traditional;
  • Three Farmers Cooperatives and one Farmers’ Group were established;
  • Three motor-blocks and 50 sprinkles provided to HHs;
  • Fruit Dryers were successfully established in two communities, supported by the US Embassy in Armenia: 2 dryers, 2 packing machines provided along with trainings for two cooperatives;
  • Awareness raising events organized:

  • A film was produced on the project illustrating key highlights, screened in “European windows” program by Armenian national channel A1;
  • Doing the final paper work

  • Two “EU Day” events and EU bus tour (information dissemination & Presentation in Artashat (Ararat Province))were organized by EU;
  • Closeout event with “Harvest Day” component
  • Video reportage on RIG program Closeout event in Sis village screened in “Europe Today” program by Armenia and Arm News TV channels,
  • Leaflets, booklets, T-shirts, caps & other materials published on project theme,


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