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Production of bio-humus in Gorayk 2013-2014

Bio-humus production site The project implemented within HDP Geoteam project, with the rationale to further the goals of land conservation and best management practices through skills learning, capacity building, institutional development at local level and use of human and natural resources.

Project objectives include:

  • Pilot bio-humus production in five sites in Gorayk, to serve as demonstration site and training for additional 50 HHs throughout the project;
  • Introduce a new technology for bio-humus production at local level, for 50 HHs, as environmentally-friendly and cost effective organic fertilizer to more efficiently use the traditional fertilizers, such as manure;
  • Introduce the bio-humus production as cost effective means for improved land conservation and management; and as means for economic gain and income generation for the target beneficiary HHs;
  • Promote expansion of the bio-humus technology for wider community of Gorayk, through demonstration or field days, educational events and trainings.

The following activities were carried out during the project.

  • Meeting in Gorayk community, with a total of 40 participants; where Project objectives and activities were presented and discussed;
  • HDP posted announcement for selection of 5 HHs as pilot sites in Gorayk: 8 applications received, selected 5.
  • Instrustions for producers of Bio-humus
  • HDP prepared CASE Procurement Plan Form and mentioned suppliers for purchasing and distribution of inputs necessary for bio-humus production (Californian worms, instruments, supplies, uniforms, stationary and refreshments for training participants). During the reporting period all materials were purchased by OSCE and delivered to Gorayk.
  • Organize and deliver trainings for all 50 participating farmers.
  • HDP/trainers conducted 2 trainings for 50 project households (HHs) during the reporting period.
  • HDP staff prepared project banner, 3-page colored brochure on project elements, 1-page flyer on “Short steps for bio-humus production”, 34-page Guidebook on bio-humus production and one article about “Land Conservation through Production of Bio-humus in Gorayk” project. All dissemination materials were sent to OSCE for printing and delivered already to Gorayk and used during the trainings.
  • 12,000 kg of bio-humus was produced during 2013/2014 period.



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