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Ashkhen Khachatryan - 67

A simple desire to have a child, particularly among women is so one will not have to anticipate staying alone in old age. Also, it is very common to say in Armenia: “… to have somebody to give a glass of water in case of necessity”.

Yes, almost all women here want a child. Probably we are lucky that nature is designed so we have no way to predict our future. Ashkhen, started this way: “If I knew what was to come, I might have lived completely different. Perhaps I would not have planned to have children. She said these words with a bitter sorrow and groan. Her single eye filled with a tear. She lost one eye in the earthquak. Her voice started to shake because of deep emotions, even after so long a period.

She had three children. She lost two of them during the earthquake and now her single son is somewhere in Russia. He himself had lost his family, wife and children in earthquake. No family, no shelter, no properties – just bad memories and no job. Life became miserable and unbearable here. Being insulted from fate Ashkhen’s son left Armenia for Russia to try to seek another life. Ashkhen hasn’t seen her son for 14 years. She wants to find him very much. So far Ashkhen doesn’t even have her son’s address. “Probably he has extremely so little money that he even doesn’t write me. I see him every day in my dream. Really, I can’t imagine that I might not see him any more. Let me dream for the best, it’s easier!” She turned back to hide her tears.

There is a Russian TV program titled “Seek me”. People use it to find each other. Sometimes people are found, even after two generations. Ashkhen is pleading and praying for God to find some way to find her son. Using the program costs money. Her single source of money is her pension, about $7 per month.

“I pray for those who help us, who try to make our days joyful. I pray for social workers, being so good and kind to us, to all residents here. It is they who replace the flavor of family and children somehow. God blessed the vision of the person who first thought of inventing this type of Home. Really, what might my life look like now if not this Home in my or other residents’ case?“

I wonder where she finds so much courage to carry the grief and unhappiness with dignity.





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