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Computer Support

The LaGrange Indiana Church of God, through its ďArmenian Support ProjectĒ (ASP), is helping to create opportunities for youth in schools to learn basic computer operations, better preparing them for their future. Dale Redding is organizing the shipment of the computers from Indiana. Many American children are volunteering by helping him check the condition of the computers, pack them, and ship them to Armenia.

ASP continues to provide computers for schools who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have them. Schools need to apply using an ASP Form (available in English and in Armenian) and sending it to ASP

Dignity values the education of children in Armenia and supports entities that work with children. This year, HDP is providing support for delivering the ASP donated computers. We donít want the computers to be only furniture, but to be active educational tools for the youth of Armenia. HDP gets information about the condition of the computers so that when they are delivered they are funtional and have all necessary parts.

If there is a part missing or that needs to be replaced, we provide it for them (if we have it). If itís a software problem that they canít solve themselves, HDPís computer specialist can reinstall the software if the computer is brought to our office. Many of the recipients know how to contact our new office. For any recipients who donít know how to contact us or may not have the means, our office contacts the recipients directly or through Peace Corps Volunteers. This way we know if they have a problem or a request.

Most of the computers are delivered to rural schools in Armenia because there is a great need for children in small and remote villages to have an opportunity to learn about and have access to computers. Many brilliant children lack the opportunity to develop their skills and we want this situation to be minimized. When we deliver the computers we see many children with surprised faces. For the vast majority of the children, itís the first time they have seen a computer in real life, as opposed to seeing it on TV. They donít know how to use them or what to do with them, but they are very happy because now they have an opportunity to learn all about them. It opens a wide range of interests for them. The computers are used for teaching basic computer literacy and the English language.

We do our best to provide computers to schools and other organizations that otherwise would not have the opportunity to use them in their programs. More computers are requested than are available to distribute. We hope that the day will come when everybody will have access to computers and have basic knowledge about how to use them. By working with the Armenian Support Project, HDP is making a difference and promoting opportunities for children who would otherwise not have them.




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