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September 2003: Computers for Education

Dignity values education of children of Armenia and supports those entities that work with children. Last spring a donor asked if we could give a computer to a good cause. We had been seeking a computer for the Gyumri Pen-Pal activity. In May that computer was delivered.

Dignity has long wanted to help the Gyumri Street Children Program because they are doing so much for the street children with very little money. Most of their people are volunteers and the paid staff all receive less that $100 per month. They have a budget of $0.41 cents to feed each child in their program. We knew they had staff members who are familiar with computers, but all their records are on paper, including excellent records for each child's attendance, medical situation, counseling summaries, and academic performance. They wanted computers to teach the children marketable computer skills, plus have the opportunity to computerize their records. In August we applied for and received 3 Pentium computers from the UMCOR in-kind donation program. These computers did not have keyboards, mice, power cords, or CD-ROMs. Dignity sent out requests for these items, ARDA contributed three keyboards and 3 power cords, Chuck Specht was visiting the US and visiting Dale Redding, head of ASP, so Chuck picked up 3 CD-ROMS from ASP and brought them to Armenia. Dignity volunteer Levon Abrahamian put all the pieces together, added the ability to type in the Armenian language. Dignity friend Nick Waggoner provided a printer so the street children program could print their records, documents, correspondence, and reports. Two of the computers were delivered to the Gyumri Street Children Program. The other computer was delivered to Prkutiun for their computer skills teaching program.

In September the Armenian Support Project provided 3 computers for Dignity to distribute to the Gumri Anania Shirakatsi school. The computers will be used for the continuing Pen-Pal program and starting computer literacy and English training for the students. ASP continues to provide computers for schools who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have them. Schools need to apply using an ASP Form (available in English and in Armenian) and sending it to ASP

During our visit to Gyumri, we collected pictures of some of the Pen-Pals. Five of the students were there and want their pictures on the internet so they can write their pals in the US and tell which one is their picture. So best of luck to these kids.

Tsoghik Melineh Ani Nazik
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Now the school has 4 computers and has begun some classes for volunteers, we are asking you to donate $30 per month to sponsor a teacher to teach computer skills to children 10 through 17 years old. These are the ages of students in grades 4 through 10 in Gyumri Anania Shirakatsi school.



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