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Adrine Muradyan

Adrine Muradyan, is 48 years old, disabled from birth, fastened to a wheelchair. The Gumri Nursing House has been home for most of her life, 27 years she is here. She is pleased to be surrounded with caring and loving people. Regardless of her disability, Adrine is full of energy and enthusiasm. She likes to mother her roommates and sisters. She likes to be helpful and finds strength in preserving canned fruit and vegetables. She remembers her mum doing a lot of canning. More importantly, she wants to be helpful member of the Nursing home community.

After her motherís death, her father took care of her, but sadly, that did not last long. Adrine was lonely although she had two brothers. Her fatherís death was hard on her. Due to her disability, Adrine didnít attend school, but her father made sure that teachers gave her private classes and taught her basic skills of writing and reading. Thus, thanks to fatherís foresighted decision and his careful attitude now she is able to read books. Soon she asked them to take her to an orphanage or even a Nursing home: it was a painful decision but she thought that would be best for all of them.

She hasnít seen her brothers for 35 years now but doesnít carry hard feelings and also, all these years she has been with her family of many sisters and brothers and that is what counts, she thinks. Also, her greatest happiness is that she is able to read the Bible, her closest friend, adviser and everything else.





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