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Gloves for Oldsters and Youngsters

Mihran Mahmouzian is concerned about the needs of the people of Armenia. He had about 500 pairs of gloves in his garage and wondered if there would be a way they could be donated and given to people in need in Armenia. His cousin Aram Khachadurian was asked to go to Armenia to help with an earthquake zone project in Gyumri. So Miran gave the gloves to his cousin. When Aram came to Armenia, he brought the gloves with him. One day in conversation he asked if we had any idea of the best use of the gloves. We not only recommended who needed gloves, we also offered to deliver them and report back to him. Our report follows:


They have very little heat so I have seen some of the residents wearing coats in bed in the winter. There are 110 residents here. I personally gave each resident a pair of gloves in addition to giving clothing to each from another donation.

Then we went to Hope nursery in Gumri. This orphanage has little support. They are not supported by the Government of Armenia so government officials do not tell people about it. I was even told it did not exist. It is supported by Gumri municipality (I have little understanding of government here, I just relay what people tell me). This orphanage was started a few years ago when a boy and girl, Brother and sister did not want to be sent to the orphanage in Yerevan, but wanted to stay in their home area, they got enough support that Hope was opened in Gumri. I was told they have 58 children. When I arrived there, the older children were competing at a sports event. Their director is sports oriented. So I gave gloves to the children that were there and left enough gloves for the rest. The gloves were big for the little ones, but I am sure they will find good use.

I also left a box of children's clothes with the staff. I was happy to see the kids had on warm sweaters, this encourages me that the children do get gifts given to the orphanage.

We still had some gloves left that were taken to the Vanadzor Orphanage. Here you can see the excitement of the boys in Vanadzor over getting the gloves. Since there were less boys at Vanadzor than we expected, come gloves were even given to the Zatik Orphanage in Yerevan.

We want to say thanks to Mihran and Aram for the gloves. Thank you from us
and from the seniors and the orphans in Armenia.




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