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Alvard Galstyan

Alvard Galstyan is 35 years old. When she was 40 days old her parents took her to Kharberd orphanage, a special institution for disabled children: she was albino.

People in the Nursing Home call her “dove of peace” because she treats everyone with a lot of warmth and love. She also is known as “emergency assistance” as whatever happens she is the first to help. She takes good care of her five roommates and also of other patients in the Nursing Home: those who are in a wheelchair and need someone to push them, someone else needs some chores done, Alvard is there to help. She likes to keep her room neat and clean, I admired the way she was dressed, the way she behaved. I think Chekhov, a Russian Writer, said, “In people everything should be good, clothing, manners and character”. Alvard has great social skills and I felt that this woman has so much discipline and ability that have been wasted all this time. I felt sad that such a lovely personality was deprived of opportunities to develop her skills.
Alvard was trying to find her parents all her life, as long as she remembers she wanted to find them. The idea of being abandoned was painful and humiliating but she found strength and was still able to be cheerful. However, her wish to find them was increasing. She thought “I have to find my parents, probably they are rather old and may need my help.” She has such a kind and generous nature.

Alvard’s dream came true when she was 30, with the help of spiritual father Armenak. It was her dream to find them. It seemed to take centuries! At last!!! “I was the happiest in the world when I got their address. The first day I spent with my parents was full of happiness. But it lasted too short and soon she got into desperation and disillusion. Later was found out that she had another three sisters too who were completely indifferent and had rough attitude towards her.
Unfortunately the sweet feelings slowly turned into dark clouds; then to verbal as well as physical abuse, forcing to do things, which are out of her abilities and beating for her for moving too slow. Can you imagine how cruel people can be! Incredible!!! It is beyond their ability to realize what they have broken… “century –lasted” dream, so much expectations…

Alvard could tolerate all these for only seven months, which seemed more like centuries full of bitter gall. Her words were so impressive in negative sense: “ I have seen a lot of hatred, abusing, cruelties, frauds, humiliations and from personnel and from the roommates being in orphanage before getting here to Nursing Home, but the cruelty from my parents’ was the worst of all”. IN order to finish the interview on a positive note, she added: “It seems to me that I have moved from hell to paradise getting into this Nursing Home. I have a feeling as if I have been re-born”.

Alvard is very diligent, she learned to read in the nursing home. She enjoys reading the Bible and Gospels out loud for all those who has lack of ability to read and write. I wonder where she finds so much energy! In addition to all the mentioned abilities she is able to cheer everyone up with laughter and show only a smiling face. Others come to her for encouraging and thoughtful words. Incredible!





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