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There are two orphanages in Gyumri. One that is well supported is for children with severe difficulties. It is operated by the Government of Armenia through the Ministry of Social Services. There are several international non-profit organizations that provide support for this orphanage.

Until 2000 orphans who were in relatively good health were normally sent to Yerevan orphanage (capital city of Armenia). In 2000 a brother and his sister from Gyumri were orphans and they wanted to stay in their hometown, close to their relatives and friends. This was the beginning of the orphanage HOPE in Gyumri, supported by and large by the City Hall of Gyumri. The latter pays the staff salaries, utilities, childrenís food, and clothes.

Children at the orphanage attend a public school nearby. When the children return home, they must have a meeting with either the school homework teachers or the deputy director who is in charge of children's education. In the picture are two homework teachers (on the right) and the Deputy Director of the orphanage.

Lately Armenian Caritas, a non-profit organization, constructed a green house for the orphanage, which will provide the children and staff with fresh vegetables and fruits all year round. The construction of his green house was just finished at the end of September.

Caroline Najaryan, a philanthropist from the US, paid for remodeling and furnishing three rooms into training workshops for the children; Hope has already hired two of the three specialists that will teach the children some skills in sewing, electronic equipment repair, and shoemaking (pictured).

The orphanage hosts homeless children, orphans who lack moral and financial support given the overall social and economic crisis in the area.

Ruben Markosyan is the head of "HOPE". His focus is on physical fitness, employable skills and is concerned about where the children will go after they are no longer permitted to stay in the orphanage.

The sports area and the gymnasium are used by the children.

The orphanage has two groups of children. There are fifty-eight preschool children at the age of 3-6 plus a larger group of school aged children living in the two-floor building.


There is a big dining room where children eat 4 times a day; classroom for the students who do their classes with the help of two hired teachers; residential area; and the psychologistís room. In addition, there are other groups for children designed for sports, modern and national dancing, art, etc.

The staff Childrenís home consists of 44 members.


Hen house which will cost $500

A cow house which a local organization has promised to build for them

Plant vegetables on the urban area (4 hectare) given by City Hall (They need seeds for the greenhouse and the land).



Computer Support


Education for All


Helping NGOs

Seeds for Needy



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