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Helping indigenous NGOs

Given the limited resources of government, NGOs have a critical role in providing services to those in need: elderly, children, and the vulnerable.. Many local NGOs carry out projects that fit within the DIGNITY’s overall mission and vision (assisting disadvantaged, enhancing education and new skills, etc.). We believe that building the capacity of local NGOs is important in promoting these services. With modest resources we help the NGOs accomplish a lot, create the a better environment for their beneficiaries and give them the tools for growth.

DIGNITY, in collaboration with UMCOR and in response to continuing needs, has several times provided hygiene kits and blankets to different partner organizations, such as Prkutyun, several kindergartens in the Gumri and Artik area, Gavar Boarding School, etc. Those items will ensure a warmer and more comfortable winter for these elderly and children.

DIGNITY has provided vegetable seeds to Armenia’s most vulnerable villagers, usually working through local NGOs. Local NGOs provide a local perspective on effective ways to help the most vulnerable, their neighbors.

We think it is important that the targeted NGOs participate and contribute in planned activities so they will have an ownership and ensure proper operation and maintenance. The contribution can be in the form of labor, materials, etc. We believe that the responsibilities and commitment on both parties, i.e., the funding organization and the host facility should be stated in writing (Memorandum or Understanding, Binding agreement, etc.), which will clearly spell out distinct responsibilities involved in specific activities. This serves as the main document for tracking the overall progress with regard to each party's commitment at a given moment. It also develops an explicit partner relationship, where each party has certain tasks and the assistance extended to the facility will be viewed as a joint project and effort addressed at meeting vulnerable population's needs, rather than a pure humanitarian assistance.






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