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June-July 2004: New Computer Support Activity

In June, HDP started contacting schools and organizations who have received computers through the Armenian Support Project (ASP). Many of those receiving computers do not have the resources to provide all the needed maintenance for their computers.

ASP continues to provide computers for schools who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have them. Schools need to apply using an ASP Form (available in English and in Armenian) and sending it to ASP

Some organizations install programs or operating systems that are not compatible with the computers, and then lose the ability to use those computers. ASP has provided HDP with computer parts and information on programs and operating systems provided with the computers.

Using these parts and information, HDP is providing support for delivered ASP computers. We contact the recipients directly or through Peace Corps Volunteers and we explain them what we are able to do and what we cannot assist with. Before we started offering this service they didn’t know to whom to apply for help when they had a problem. Now they have the contact information of our new office and they can pin their hopes on us. We’ll do our best to solve their problems.



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