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Khacheyan Nadedjda

Nadia is from Baku, Azerbaijan. Baku is capital of the country just east of Armenia. She is a refugee, like many of the inhabitants in this Nursing Home. When the Azeris started killing Armenians in Baku for ethnic cleansing they escaped. In 1989, Nadia and her two daughters left their house, work, and that all they possessed and moved to Stepanakert (Karabakh). This was when the Soviet Union collapsed and ethnic conflicts started and later accelerated between the Azeris and Armenians. The latters were forced to leave their houses since it was a matter of survival.

Nadia’s family’s life was tough: her youngest daughter is handicapped and that required special care. In addition, there was a risk of physical survival given the ongoing war in the area. There were a lot of shelling going on these days and during one of those days their house in Stepanakert was destroyed.

Nadia’s elder daughter has two children. In 1992 she took Nadia and her invalid sister to Yerevan. 2-3 months later she went to Middle Asia, Turkmenistan for good. They have not heard from her since then. Later Nadia and her invalid daughter came to Gyumri.

She now takes care of her daughter, who is bed-ridden, she likes to read books and socialize with co-habitants. There is a lot to share and reflect. She wants to have a TV in her room so her daughter and herself could entertain in their room. Nadia wants to know what is going on in the world, what are the latest news, and what is happening in her former country and home. Life to Nadia is not limited to the Nursing home; she still has a lot of interests and wants to somehow relate to her surroundings.





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