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Knarik Margaryan-79.

"I came here on my own. I was sure nobody would understand me because in Soviet system it was considered bad to be in a Nursing Home. I had a daughter and grandchildren, whom I lost in earthquake. After losing them, my house became a hell and staying there even for an hour seemed me to be intolerable.

To come here, I mean to become a resident of Nursing home was not so easy as I imagined. I thought you just knock the door and you may come in. But one needs somebody’s authorization and recommendation for it. In my case, my chief doctor did the necessary paperwork. I appreciate him so much. Being here eased my finances and my psychological state as well. The priceless thing here is that I found so many friends of almost the same fate and interests. Sharing our thoughts with each other; we make our days diverse and full of colors. Try to put fog somehow to dark points. Oh, just we try, don’t think it works all the time, it is too deep and vivid.

Maybe really my behavior may seem unusual to many of people. I left my apartment and all properties to my stepchildren who actually are considered the only descendants to me. Instead I gain spiritual complaisance. You know what is the most important: when you have somebody who understands you in proper way and there is somebody to share your thoughts with. Thousands of bitter thoughts of various dimensions roam in this Nursing Home. I am not the only one here. Here, the residents’ similar destiny makes peculiar relationship that makes us to experience consolation towards to each other.

Being a dentist by profession, I have made so many people happier while making them to get rid of pain. Here I have so many former patients and now the turn is changed, now they are helping me to get rid of pain. Yes, life is like a “merry-go-round”, no start, and no end. Life is full with paradoxes, nobody can be proud of the advantages and disadvantages gained.”





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