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Mkrtich Safaryan–72

This interviewee was “burnt“ by his wife.

“She made my life miserable. When I was young I felt myself as if on the top of the hill having my favorite job. I was a driver and was proud of my job. I was respected by society, had plenty of friends. I had two-floored house of my own. I got good accommodation and properties.

But my wife having rich fantasy and hidden plans and intentions, she calculatedly (I realized it later) and continuously was making causes against me to appear in the police custody. All time I had to prove something, had to justify something, which didn’t happen, to excuse myself for no reason. Meantime, she found some ways, probably bribing authorities to rename my house possession and eventually got her dream, more likely been planned before marriage. She became the owner of it, which I gained putting enormous sweat and power and dreams.”

Thus, Mkrtich appeared in the street in the result of his wife’s actions.

“I applied to court many times, nobody paid attention, and all time the authorities postponed the solution of matter for “tomorrow” and so far no end of “tomorrows”.

The person who was escorting me said that Mkrtich is under the doctor’s control and takes different types of medications as his health condition is deteriorating day by day. Though he still believes that his matter will be solved and again will get his house back and his previous life will be repeated.

As many people, as much destinies. Each person’s destiny is unique.

Learning different destinies, really being bitter one another just remains to take lessons and try to “take a day at a time”. Life is so unpredictable and full with surprises!!! No one can say where gains or where loses.





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