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Muradian Shogik

This quiet, peaceful woman does not have a lot of past memory in her old age of 90. She treated us very nicely and was feeling guilty for not being able to remember a lot. There was a lot of depth in her eyes and the way she was looking at us. Life had not made her rough, and she has maintained her intrinsic kindness, while carrying with her a lot of hidden history, pain, hardships and lessons to share and learn.

Shogik does not remember much about her childhood, but one thing she remembers: 1915, Kars (at the time Armenian territory, currently in Turkey), Turks yelling and screaming and killing people. As a little girl, she hid herself in the basement and saw Turks beating her mother, then they got their knives and started to poke and harass her. There were few other women who were lying still on the ground. “Why aren’t they helping each other,” were the little girl’s thoughts. She had no idea what was going on, but somehow, horrified, she ran and found her father: she knew something terrible was happening.

Later Shogik learned that her father together with neighbor Turk saved her mother. She also learned that the other women were dead. They realized they had to flee immediately, so they left all and escaped with the help of their Turkish neighbor.

A childhood with very few memories, but enough to hurt the entire life.

Shogik was 22 when she married, had two children, a son and a daughter. When in 1941 the Second World War began, her husband joined the Soviet Army to defend his country. Shogik never saw him again in her life. She worked very hard to raise two children with not much support from others. All her siblings (3 of them) had their own hardships in those days and she had to struggle alone for survival.

Shogik has been in the Gumri Nursing home for seven years now. All her siblings are gone along with her daughter. Her son, is alive, but they say he doesn’t visit her much.

“But the fruits of the Spirit is …kindness…(Galatians 5:22NIV)





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