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Natalya Lenko funded for one Year in College

In May 2003, Dignity completed funding for Natalya Lenko's first year in college in the US. Carl and Shirley MacDonald helped her come to the US in hopes that she might be able to attend college here. She enrolled at Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa, but encountered financial problems. Dignity supported her tuition for the first year, now others have offered support so she can continue at the same college. Many people donated very generously to this activity and Natalya has benefitted very much. Dignity was not able to raise all the money needed so Dignity Staff members added from their own money for this activity. Donations are still being received to cover this need. One very sad note regarding Natalya’s sponsors in this country, Carl and Shirley MacDonald of Independence, Missouri: in the second week of March, 2003, Carl was killed by a freak accident when his garden tractor overturned on him.



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