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New Armenia

Support Center for Street Children

The Humanitarian support center “New Armenia” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1995. Since 1997 has worked with the “street” (homeless, beggar, working) children.

The New Armenia NGO has an interesting approach to street children. They hire 5 social workers for $100 per month. Each social worker has one duty day when they stay in the main office and visit with the children and cook their meals. Each social worker is assigned to a part of town to walk 3 times every week. As they are there often, they get to know the children in their area. First they work to become acquainted with the child, then, if there are family problems, the social worker goes home with the child to see if the problem can be resolved. The child is encouraged to come to the New Armenia Center (Front Door.jpg). Each Social Worker has a case load of all street children in their area. Social workers are expected to have 3 visits per week with the family of each street child, even after the child gets reconciled with parents.


New Armenia has 7 paid employees, 5 social workers, president Elinora Manandyan and the Data Entry VP, here cleverly hidden behind two scene stealers. there is a second Vice President, but that position is not paid.

In Their Own Words:

We carried out some "field" work and established good contacts and relation with children in the streets. We have organized different kind of performances and parties (concerts, resorts etc.), camps, have taken care of their food, clothes and health for as much as possible and protected their rights. Members of our Center (psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, teachers etc.) have participated in many conferences, TV and radio programs. We have co-operated with a pair of organizations as well as with some ministries. Our Center is renowned by many international organizations with which we have close relations.

We have also done some work with the children’s parents and relatives. Many children were returned to their families and very often we even retrieved the previous connection and relations between the parents and children.

Since April, 2001 by support of the Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation’s branch in Armenia, the project “Social rehabilitation of street children in the open sphere” is being realized. The project includes: street work (the register of children’s data, maintenance of contact with children); individual work: psychological assistance; medical assistance: rights protection; development of potential abilities; elementary education; group work: educational trainings, civil trainings, psychological trainings, ethical trainings, personal hygiene, cultural programs (concerts, camps etc.); rehabilitation work with children’s relatives; creation of the Data Base of the street children of Yerevan.

The budget provided by the Open Society Institute is not enough for all activity and different subprojects. It will be very difficult to solve various problems of such a Centre in the Republic, which goes to the way of democracy only, and hasn't got out from the economical crisis yet.

The main project of the organization is to establish the Center for children’s social rehabilitation and also the small similar centers with regional municipalities. These centers should be the second part of the rehabilitation work with street children – after the realization of street work. The solution of the mentioned problem in Armenia must be provided not only by such centers but also by preventive work organized by the state and non-governmental organizations, and the society must participate in it necessarily. And the work aimed to the engaging of public attention is being done by our organization, too.

In addition, one of our current projects is the creation laws covering street children and the program “Street children” is now under discussion.

Thank you for your interest to our Center!

We would be very grateful and happy if you could find the possibility to support us.

Account No. 15700124300301 (USD) in ArmImpexbank, Yerevan, Armenia.




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