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October 2003: Hygiene Kits and Blankets to Special Institutions and Kindergartens

 Dignity is continuing its cooperation with UMCOR to deliver hygiene kits, blankets and other in-kind donations to those in geat need. The May activity helped those in four kindergartens in Gyumri, including the ARDA sponsored Charity Kindergarden. (left) Gyumri Nursing house (right), Hope Orphanage, Following the May distribution to several special institutions, Dignity, in collaboration with UMCOR and in response to continuing needs, provided second round of hygiene kits and blankets to different partner organizations, such as Prkuyiun, several kindergartens in Gumri and Artik area, Gavar Boarding School, etc.  Those items will ensure a warmer and more comfortable winter for these elderly and children



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