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Because we see so many things we want to share with you, we have created this area on our website. We want to show you many organizations and institutions that are working hard to help others, sometimes with appropriate resources and sometimes with so little it is difficult to imagine how they do so well.
Gyumri Nursing House is at high altitude in the north with little heat in the winter. We want to introduce you to some Gyumri Nursing House Residents
Anania Shirakatsi School PenPal program

   Zatik Resident
   Rainbow House for "graduates" of the Orphanage in Yerevan,
   Hope in Gyumri
   Vanadzor Orphanage

Street Children NGO's

Gyumri-Daily Center of Children Support encouraging street children to go to school and helping them have what is needed to succeed in school.
New Armenia their social workers travel the streets of Yerevan and work to reconcile street children with their families.

Prkutiun (Salvation) for children with disorders






Computer Support


Education for All


Helping NGOs

Seeds for Needy

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