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PenPal program

Students in Ms. Jean Willson's English class in Tongonoxie, Kansas have sent letters to the Anania Shiratsi school in Gyumri.


The English students of the School after Anania Shirakatsi, an Armenian historian and scholar, are interested in communicating with pen pals in the United States. They are now receiving letters from Jean Willson's class. The School includes preschool through higher education; was established in 1996. Since then they have graduated about 500 students. There are two main departments in higher education, where students study literature, languages, law, economy, mathematics, etc.

Headmaster, Anush (Translator) and School Director.


The students and the faculty issue a weekly newspaper about the school events as well as updates on most important events and developments in Gyumri and the surrounding region.


These are some of the students on the left are involved in the English emphasis program headed by Julia Grigorian (on the right). She recently completed an Armenian-English-Russian dictionary of mathematical terms, including calculus, trigonometry and geometry, designed for school as well as professional use.

Julia will be in charge of the pen pal program and ensure proper use of the resources.



Although the school has seven computers for university student use, none are for classrooms or English study and none have modems. In addition, heavy use of computers makes it difficult to ensure regular access to computers for the English students. It also makes it difficult to include these students in computer classes.

We would like to supply the English department with a computer with a modem and financial support for email service. Total cost including one year’s Internet service is $1200.This will provide many students with an opportunity to gain computer skills, and use Internet for their studies and research. More importantly, this will help them develop cross-cultural contacts with their American peers. Appreciation for others helps promote peace in the world.






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