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Charitable Relief Union of Disabled Children


Health and education for disabled children

Prkutiun was founded in October 1997 and focuses on rehabilitation, medical care and training of about 600 disabled children. Prkutiun is an Armenian word that has several meanings, one of which is rescuers.

The mission of the Rescuers is to help disabled help themselves, through addressing their social and health needs. This is done through: Medical treatment, Purchase of necessary medical equipment, supplies and medicine, Promotion of their education, Vocational training, Developing physical and mental skills, Helping the families of disabled children.

The Rescuers are located in a kindergarten building; the local Municipality has provided this section of the kindergarten to the organization free. The building currently is under repair. Given economic hardships many families cannot afford taking their disabled children to special institutions or schools. These children have special needs and therefore, they need special training and certain living conditions. The main beneficiaries of the Rescuers are children with mental and/or physical disabilities.

The Rescuers promote development of children according to their interests and physical and mental abilities. About 30 children attend the center from 11am to 4 pm and are served lunch daily. The tutors work with children helping them gain basic knowledge and skills in Armenian, Russian, math, singing, drawing, physical activities as well as handcraft. The psychologist and speech therapist work with children to provide some counseling and address speech defects. The Rescuers also organize different social and cultural activities, trips for disabled and their families, special event parties, etc.

The organization has organized treatment of 30 children in different hospitals of Yerevan (capital city of Armenia). For example, the Rescuers have assisted 6 children with artificial eyes. This is an invaluable thing for the kids, however, these eyes need to be changed every 6 month given the children’s physical growth and changes in their bones and muscles. The associated risk is that if not changed in time, the eyes get irritated and can damage the healthy eye.

Project description This project is aimed at protecting the right to education for disabled children via special education and training. The project also aims at promoting physical and occupational rehabilitation and overall health of disabled. With mental restrictions physical health is a primary asset for many of these kids.

Nevertheless, the center does not have the necessary supplies and equipment to ensure proper conditions for education, training or recreation. The building is under renovation. Renovations for this year were completed for a ribbon cutting by the Mayor of the District and Prkutiun Director Arpi Abrahamyan. The renovation design includes rooms for physical therapy, speech therapist, regular classrooms for classes and recreation, as well as doctor’s room and administrative department. The list of necessary equipment and furniture are presented below.




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