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Charitable Relief Union of Disabled Children "Prkutyun"

The name "Prkutyun"was not chosen by accident, it means salvation or rescue. It's right: this is salvation for these children.

"Prkutyun" Center of Disabled Children was established on 17 October 1997. The organization's mission is to assist disabled children and their families, solve their social , educational and health care issues; provide consultations and health services, as well as integrate them as full members of society. "Prkutyun" has implemented various educational, medical and socio-cultural programs, the most important of which is establishment of Diurnal Center of Life Organization (DCLO) for mentally retarded children. The Center is located in a kindergarten building. About 30 children attend the center from 11am to 4pm and are served lunch daily. The tutors work with children helping them gain basic knowledge and skills in Armenian, Russian, math, singing, drawing, physical activities as well as handcraft. They also organize different social and cultural activities, trips for disabled, special event parties.

The building currently is under repair. They need equipment to ensure proper conditions for education, training or recreation.

As Arpine Abrahamian, the head of the Center, mentioned, they are trying to make the environment more comfortable and user-friendly for their beneficiaries. HDP will use any opportunity to relieve their hardships and help them out.



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