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Handcrafted Cards from Zatik and Rainbow House.

This is one group of the 125 children that live at Zatik Orphanage in Yerevan, Armenia. Armenia is the most southwest part of the Former Soviet Union. When Armenian children in the orphanage reach 18 years, they are forced out. In Armenia there are few social services and unemployment is very high. The prospects for young women of this age are not good in this society. Rainbow House is a place where a few women have a place to live, gain employable skills, get higher education and look for jobs.

One activity of Rainbow House is to cooperate with the children of Zatik Orphanage to make greeting cards. The children do needle work as shown to the right. When a child completes a card that meets the standards, the card is inventoried. When the card sells, the child receives a little money to spend as desired. One group of pre-teen girls, who share a room collectively saved their money and bought a boom box. It took almost 200 cards to buy what they wanted. But now it is theirs! They expect you to be very careful with it when you touch it, because a lot of work was required to get it. And some things in the orphanage get broken quickly..

These residents of Rainbow House complete the cards; hand label them "Made in Armenia," in both English and Armenian; and wrap them in cellophane. The cards are sold to those who wish to help the residents of Rainbow House and Zatik by encouraging their creativity and industriousness.

Human Dignity and Peace brings cards for people to buy in America. All proceeds go to Zatik and Rainbow House.



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