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November 2004. School kits distribution in Sis village

HDP distributed School kits to 25 children of kindergarten, as well as 41 first and second grade schoolchildren in Sis village of Ararat Marz. The supplies were provided by UMCOR.

The villagers are mainly refugees from Baku and other areas of Azerbaijan. They have many difficulties in their daily life. The kindergarten's conditions are very poor. As we approached the kindergarten, it didn't even look like a kindergarten and we were saddened to see children in such a poor facility. After all, children spend a lot of time here and it becomes part of their life and education. However, it is not difficult to make children happy with modest contribution: albums, pencils, colored paper and so on. Now they don't have to paint on the back of used paper from the village council office.

And the schoolchildren had no idea they would receive school kits; it was a wonderful surprise. They were looking at these things with great interest and were very happy. We were glad to see happy faces of children.

We are the children, we are the world and we all need to help these innocent creatures have more enjoyable childhood and have opportunities for better education.



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