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Torosyan Hasmik

Because of a wrong injection Hasmik (Pronounced, hoss MEEK) became an invalid when she was 3 years old: her legs didnít grow and she became wheelchair-ridden. Now she is 49: always nice, friendly and willing to share and socialize. She has a kind smile that tells something about her bright spirit.

Hasmik has never gone to school, but with the request of her mother the teachers of the nearest school sometimes came to their place to teach her.

Before coming to Gyumri she lived in Abovyan (a town not far from Yerevan). After her motherís death, she lived with her brotherís family. But she couldnít live there long because she needed a special care and conditions. She soon was taken to Yerevan old peopleís home. Hasmik, however didnít like it there and some months later was brought to Gyumri.

She has been living here more than 6 years now. Hasmik met a man here who eventually became her husband, so now she has her family. The administration of the home gave them a separate room.

Hasmik has a hobby, she does wonderful needlework and has a lot of them. She also has a dream: sell her handcraft, establish a small business and that way have an opportunity to show people her art, and why not, earn some money. More importantly, she wants to be a little more independent. Without proper education Hasmik realizes that by using her skills she could gain independence. She sometimes manages to sell her handcraft pieces, which allows her buy some materials for her work. When she showed her art she was talking about the feelings she put into those little pieces: spring, flowers, hope, love and what not.

I was happy to see Hasmik alive, cheerful and trying to do something useful. The Nursing home is Hasmikís home and she wants to be a good member of that family and that was very touching.





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