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Training and Education for All

HDP collects and delivers educational materials, money to buy educational materials (including computers) for individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The focus is providing the means to the schools, to indigenous non-profit organizations serving the rural poor and to rural poor individuals starting businesses.

HDP values education of all people. Because of the difficulties of life in Armenia and the importance of education for their future we give special focus to the children of Armenia. We support and partner with organizations with this same goal. On the left is a picture of Dale Redding, head of the Armenian Support Project (ASP) with some students working on computers ASP has brought to Armenia. ASP collects, reconditions, ships and delivers computers to Armenia and other countries to help with computer education for small mostly rural schools that are largely overlooked by the large international organizations. Many schools have computers and computer education only due to these donations. HDP has helped with identifying some of the places where computers will be effectively used and has helped deliver the computers. HDP also helps by repairing computers that stop working and educate teachers how to more effectively operate the computers they have.

HDP was approached by a person who wanted to donate her computer to "someone who would use it". HDP knew several places that could use a computer. We decided to give it to the Gyumri Pen-Pal activity. Julia Grigorian, head of the Gumri Pen-Pal Program is successfully implementing Computer Literacy Program at Anania Shirakatsi school in Gumri. She has been conducting computer classes to students from 4-10th grades in the 2003 school year. We are proud that the Pen-Pal cultural exchange program gave birth to the Computer Literacy program.

There is a great need for school supplies in rural schools. HDP is seeking school supplies for rural schools whose education program suffers simply because the children lack sufficient pencils, pens, paper, and books. Armenians value education highly and most children go to schools although the conditions of those schools are not very conducive to learning: broken windows no heat, no running water, but still they go.

Gumri Street Children Program is dedicated to support extremely poor children.
At the beginning of the 2003 School year, HDP provided $1,000 for school uniforms, backpacks, shoes, school supplies and other related items. They were purchased for about 40 kids, so they can go to school and look normal and not ashamed of their appearance. At the end of the day, we felt like the $30-35 spent on each kid made their world more hopeful and added some happiness in their lives.

In addition, in cooperation with UMCOR, HDP provided two sets of computers to help the organization start computer literacy among children. Also, in our search for better nutrition for the children we provided an annual supply of beans, raisins and dried fruit to all kids through our partnership with ARDA.

HDP, in collaboration with UMCOR and in response to continuing needs, has several times provided hygiene kits and blankets to different partner organizations, such as Prkutyun, several kindergartens in the Gumri and Artik area, Gavar Boarding School, etc. Those items will ensure a warmer and more comfortable winter for these elderly and children.

Armenianís prosperity will continue to depend on the education of its people. Computer education is an important need for people working in the modern world of today. In Armenia, there are more than 500 students in schools for each school computer. There are many efforts to improve this situation. HDP Foundation volunteers are working with the Armenian Support Project to supply computers to the poorest of the schools in Armenia. Providing computers to schools where students would have no other opportunity to learn of computers. Volunteers locate appropriate schools for computer placement. Computers are donated for this purpose in America, volunteers test and configure computers for use in Armenia. The United Armenia Fund has volunteered to ship the computers to Armenia, volunteers transport the computers from Yerevan to the proper school, and volunteers provide repair services for the computers. You can volunteer to help Armenian children have computer training. Children that otherwise would not have this opportunity and therefore will have less opportunity for working in a job that will help Armenia be more prosperous.




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