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This little girl touched my heart, she is very friendly, active and funfilled.

The little girl in the pictures is in the Zatik orphanage. Her mother froze to death in the street in Yerevan last winter. Somehow her daughter survived. Seems her mother had a boyfriend, got pregnant and did not get an abortion. She learned that the boyfriend was married, but he arranged for her to have an apartment and supported her and the child. After a couple of years, his fortunes turned bad and he left Armenia to find work to send money back.

But shortly after he left, the money stopped coming. The mother needed money to survive. A neighbor convinced her that to raise money she could use her apartment as collateral and live on the interest from the money raised. The borrower defaulted on payment and she and her daughter were thrown out into the street. There was a desperate search for the father. He was found and came to visit once, he did not recognize the mother because she had aged so much as a result of her hard life and he refused to support her and their daughter. Shortly after that, the mother was found frozen to death in the street and the police brought this little girl to Zatik.

Zatik is an Armenian word that means new life, Easter, and Lady Bug. For this little girl it is new life, she has a nice clean little room she shares with 3 other girls her age. She finds happiness here, we do not know what the future holds for her, but today she is safe, warm and cared for.





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