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July 2005 Armenian Touch Typing Turor Software

Armenian Touch Typing tutorial software has been named “Armenian Typist 1600” because this year we are celebrating the 1600th anniversary of Armenian letters. The success/progress of this software is very important for HDP especially its usefulness. The schools and the students that have been involved in this project are filled with enthusiasm. We share their happiness and we plan to distribute this software during the coming 1-2 months. We will be happy to help Armenian schools to obtain this software.

HDP, through Jinishian Memorial Foundation grant is partnering with Algorithm Service, the premiere Armenian-based, educational software developer in Armenia to create a self-teaching, Armenian language touch-typing tutor program. The software has been developed and is currently being tested in different schools and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to evaluate its applicability and efficiency. Many computer users have Armenian fonts in their computers, however, there is no program to teach them touch typing in the Armenian language. This is an innovation and we hope that it will serve very well for computer users.

The opening presentation for Touch Typing Trials was on 17 May, 2005 with Ray Reeder, HDP Executive Director, Narine Hakobjanyan, Program Coordinator, Alexander Faramazyan, Information Technologies Director, Ruben Krikyan, Education Department Coordinator from Jinishian Foundation, Christine Tshgnavoryan,Youth Leadership Initiatives Coordinator, Project Harmony.

Alexander Faramazyan installed the software in target schools while explaining the operations technique and the goal of the program. The speed and accuracy of typing comprises an important component of the skill. Every student should register his/her name and a statistic page will show the results for each student’s performance. Computer teacher in each school is responsible for the trainings for the students and other users.
The software contains 46 lessons and after each lesson it shows the results by percents: if the result is less than 40% the user should repeat the same lesson. But students were doing quite well on the first lessons: to our surprise and happiness the results were above 90%. And we are sure if they continue with the same spirit and zest they will become excellent typists in Armenian in a short period.



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