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Armenian Support Project

What do we encourage and contribute?

There are many things that should be done in the field of computer literacy especially in the remote villages which are not accessible to the education projects being implemented mostly in cities and towns around the country. Our goal is to encourage the development of these village schools. Educational institutions and local organizations of these remote villages are our beneficiaries. We are trying to provide them with educational opportunity which is very important for all the children of the country.

In April Dale Redding the head of Armenian Support Project made his regular visit to Armenia.

The goal of his visit was checking and being informed about the work of distributed computers, their efficiency and use, if there is a need to solve the problems connected with delivered computers. Narine – computer coordinator of HDP office was with Dale and helped him. Because of limited time there wasn’t opportunity to visit all the schools and those beneficiary organizations whom we had distributed computers
Anyway we visited educational institutions of Tavush, Kotayk and Aragatsotn Marzes and had very effective meetings: we became aware about the problems directly in the places and tried to solve them as much as we could. Dale’s professional advices were very useful.

As the main goal of the delivered computers is teaching computer literacy in the villages, after all visits it was organized a contest among the beneficiary schools. It became the most interesting event: the students were very enthusiastic, and the participants impatient to show their skill and knowledge. The contest was organized on the 30th of April among Talin and its surrounding village schools. There were determined presents for the best 3 schools. The first prize – new modern computer got Talin school # 1. Talin school # 2 and Mastara village school were given the prizes for the second and third places. They got older model computers but with normal working.

In the picture you can see how the winner boy of Mastara village is opening the prize himself. Never having basic computer literacy before today his school got a computer and a new printer due to his knowledge. It is very gratifying that the distributed computers gave positive results in that period.

Our way is long but we are moving forward.


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