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High-Yield to Rural Communities

HDP is implementing Mittlider’s “High-Yield Gardening” program in cooperation with Jinishyan Foundation and UNDP in five communities of Armenia: Shenik, Argina, Aragatsavan, Kharberd and Karakert. 90 vulnerable families are included in the program as beneficiaries. If this method is applied correctly the target families will have 5 to 10 times more yield compared to regular gardening in Armenia, decent income and economic stability.

At the onset of the program, HDP presented the goals of the program to the communities, the essence of this new agricultural method, the beneficiary selection criteria, HDP and their responsibilities. During practical classes HDP’s international advisor Jim Kennard gave directions to the agronomists on making soil-beds, selection of gardens, fertilizer application, watering schedule and other conditions.

Historically, 64 families in Gumri area, where HDP introduced this program in 2004, yielded 100% - 150% more than previous years by very modest calculations. One of the main parts of the program is training and building local capacity. HDP’s agronomist Gnel Mkhitaryan and Program Assistant Ruzan Ter-Ghazaryan worked with Mr. Kennard and coordinated all activities in target communities through rigorous monitoring and continuing guidance.

The beneficiaries for current program are mostly vulnerable families: we want to provide economic opportunities, learning of new skills and sustainable income.

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